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Services designed to provide the support needed to improve marketing efforts and achieve objectives.

Red Carpet Entrance
Day Of Event Coordinator

Effective on-the-day event coordination is essential to safeguard the investments made in event planning preparations. Virutal or Hybrid coordination services encompass vendor and team coordination, management of setup and logistics, handling registration and check-in, overseeing schedule and timeline management, providing attendee assistance and support, and managing crisis situations and troubleshooting.

Meeting Room
Meeting Logistics

Plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall flow of your event.  Effective logistics management demands substantial coordination and communication skills, encompassing aspects such as vendor management, venue setup, equipment coordination, transportation, timeline development, and post-event logistics.

Production Crew
Production Assistant

Supports various aspects of the production process, undertaking tasks such as coordinating logistics, assisting with set preparations, and providing general support to ensure the smooth execution of the production.

Performance Lighting
Entertainment and Talent Booking

Encompasses sourcing, booking, and overseeing talent on behalf of your client. This includes talent identification and selection, as well as contract negotiation, all handled seamlessly for your convenience.

Bar Chart
Marketing and Promotion

Support with tracking and analyzing the performance of your marketing campaigns across various channels, through customized reports that provide insights into your marketing metrics.

Wedding Venue
Venue Scouting

Entails conducting site visits and inspections, processing permits and requirements, negotiating contracts, facilitating communication, and managing on-the-day venue operations.

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