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5 Business Types That Can Benefit From Virtual Assistance

Check out some of the industries below that can benefit from virtual assistance below.

  1. Photographer

  • Adding watermarks to photos.

  • Submitting your best work to be featured.

  • Tracking down vendor information.

2. Florist

  • Liaise with transportation companies for installment transport.

  • Research on the latest trends in design, floral design, and related markets.

3. Fitness Trainer

  • Facebook group/community management.

  • Consultation scheduling.

  • Member profile management.

4. Realtor

If you’re like most high-producing agents, you’re busy. Focus on closing the deal, and leave the rest to a virtual assistant. Here are a few on many tasks that a virtual assistant can assist with:

  • Lead follow up.

  • Scheduling showings.

  • Contract management.

5. Hair Stylist

  • Client list management.

  • Inventory and shipment management.

  • Hair product and trend research.

Outsourcing is key to being able to have a great work/life balance.

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